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We are here to awaken the potential of a well slept world

Traditional Mattress shopping in India isn’t a shopping experience people wish for.

A Mattress should not cost a fortune ! As you visit a retail shop (if u manage finding them) , each of them having limited samples used by multiple customers consisting a mix of multiple brands on display.

You get lost in the various fancy names thrown by a pushy salesman hurrying to highlight the sample which may get him the highest commission ignoring your core interests and what may suit you.

By time you’ve tried your 5th Mattress , you grow impatient and confused with your precious little time wasted !

Over-priced, over-complicated, no exchange policy of, no innovation or science behind mattresses have been a standard. Untill now!

We at DroopyFox, are setting a new standard in Sleep Innovation in India. Our researchers, designers, and engineers at DroopyFox spend their waking hours studying sleep and creating products based on Indian customer needs and feedback. The result? The most innovative sleep products that no one else had ever dreamed possible. We deliver innovative mattresses designed keeping in mind India’s Demography, at a fraction of the legacy brands cost, delivered straight from our factory to your doorstep for free, anywhere across India, in a surprisingly tiny box.

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More layers don't mean better, but surely are sold expensively

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So we dreamed a big dream, and DroopyFox was born !

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